TULIN(Totally Unique Language Interpreter)

Message translation and LUA scripting tool that converts incoming messages, redirects them to an Artnet, MIDI ,DMX, OSC, RS232 and Pangolin laser software


Tulin supports many Protocols MIDI, DMX, ArtNet, OSC, RS232

Tulin is a message translation and scripting tool that translates incoming messages and redirects them to an Artnet, MIDI ,DMX, OSC, RS232 and the world’s number one Laser show software Pangolin Beyond and Quickshow. Tulin has an easy-to-use GUI (Graphical User Interface).

So what can you do with Tulin ? The LUA scripting engine has been enhanced to perform many extra functions, from simple addition and subtraction of numbers to complex functions like parsing and filtering out MIDI notes, velocity, pitchbend, aftertouch and controllers.

We have created Keywords for the following Devices (new modules are constantly being added)

  • Arnet In 4-8 16 channels
  • Arnet Out 4-8 16 channels
  • BeaconTrack (PerformanceMesh product)
  • ColorTrack (PerformanceMesh product – color tracking)
  • DataGlove (PerformanceMesh product)
  • DataShoe (PerformanceMesh product)
  • Debugging
  • DMX In 4-8 16 channels
  • DMX Out 4-8 16 channels
  • IRCamTrack (PerformanceMesh product – blob tracking)
  • Laser (Pangolin Beyond and Quickshow)
  • OSC Ledstrip (PerformanceMesh product)
  • Maths (All standard LUA functions Add, Divide, Multiply, Subtract) – full list can be found in LUA manual
  • MIDI (Note, Velocity, Aftertouch, Programchange, Controller, Pitchbend and Apc40)
  • PressureTrack (PerformanceMesh product – weight tracking)
  • RS232 (In and Out)
  • SkeleTrack (PerformanceMesh product – body joint tracking)
  • OSC VideoPlayer (PerformanceMesh product – effects and transport control)

Each function can be written to and connected to other devices. These scripts can be loaded, saved or edited for later use. If you’re clever enough you can do almost anything by connecting enough of these objects. Feel like controlling your Leds using a MIDI/DMX controller or our sensor products? You can do that! More common applications include devices that send and receive MIDI, DMX, RS232 (such as sequencers, synthesizers ) or OpenSoundControl (OSC) — a more modern and flexible version of MIDI that can be used to create networked interfaces. The LUA editor can hold 10 scripts at any one time. Script files can be loaded or saved for later use or editing further. Sample scripts are included to get you started.

Configuration and testing of interfaces:

Within Tulin you can test connectivity of your connected MIDI, DMX, Artnet and OSC devices and monitor dataflow. OSC networking parameters are easily changed in a startup file.

Supported DMX Interfaces: Enttec Pro.