Wi-Fi OSC Realtime Skeletal Tracking System


The SkeleTrack module consists of a
Kinetic Camera System that can be used to
track body movements. Depending on the model,
the system can track 20 or 26 body joints
returning X,Y and Z positional data.Zones
can also be setup to track movement in an area
of the frame.The message protocol is OSC
(Open Sound Control). Like all of our other
devices they are supported within the
PressureMesh Hub.

An Example of sent OSC messages (There are many more)














Processing Unit

An embedded miniature PC/Windows 10
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n data communications


  • Complete Free SDK for custom software design.
  • Example: Open Sound Control Application with source code(visual studio).
  • Example Wireless router (visual studio).
  • Documentation API of Open Sound Control message format.