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PerformanceMesh was developed for Live Performance/show control where multiple performers and Artists needed realtime control of Pyrotechnics, lasers, lighting, sound,video control and other special effects. Each artist can move freely around a stage utilising camera motion sensing, sonar range distancing and hand control of his or her part of the show. Open sound control an industry standard is used for sending data around the wireless network. This robust protocol is used throughout the industry. We will continue to add wireless sensors to the Performance family but if you have any custom requests or requirements or a tailor made performance mesh please contact us.


The ColorTrack sensor module consists of a WiFi based camera module reporting information in real time. Fast vision sensor used for DIY robotics apps.


The DataGlove system provides 5 high accuracy joint angle measure sensors. Transforms finger and hand motion into real time data.


The DataShoe system provides 5 high accuracy pressure sensors. Accurately transforms foot motion into realtime data.


The IRCamTrack sensor module is a WiFi based camera module that reports movement and pixel data, or visible and IR light sources.


The BeaconTrack sensor module uses multiple Infrared transmitters and receivers that track users around a venue. Reporting information in real time.


Totally Unique Language Interpreter. Connect all your Devices with LUA Scripting


A Complete Range of Pixel LED Controllers


WiFi system using OSC protocol to identify users by their weight profile. The sensor sends an OSC message to the network identifying the performer.


Message translation and patching tool that converts incoming messages, redirects them to an Artnet, MIDI ,DMX, OSC, RS232 and Pangolin laser software

Performancemesh to Beyond

Easy Integration with Our Sensor Technology to the Worlds Best Laser Control Software